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Career counselling sessions answer the ‘what should I do with my life’ question. Career counselling is helpful for people who feel unsure about where to next or for people who are unhappy in their current work roles.

I utilise a conversational style where you will be doing most of the talking. I am there to listen and to ask the right questions. All of us have to make career decisions over and over again as we adjust and transition to new life challenges. These sessions allow you to describe where you are at and help you work out what your priorities are so you can decide where you want to be. Together, we’ll come up with an action plan to help you move forward with your plans. I will assist you in developing your career ideas by:

● clarifying your non-negotiable values
● improving your decision making process
● encouraging you to own your skills and strengths
● challenging your limiting beliefs and behaviours
● supporting your efforts to find a satisfying career

My aim is for you to have a transformational experience – to complete our sessions feeling optimistic, open to the possibilities awaiting you, and full of momentum to take action. Here is what some of my previous clients have said after completing career counselling sessions with me:

“So therapeutic and felt like a step in the right direction – thank you so much Lila.”

“Lila gave me clear direction for my next steps and asked very relevant, forward thinking questions that have really helped me with my future aspirations. Thank you – a great service; better than expected!”

Contact me on or call or text me on 021 068 5039 to book a consultation.


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