You are the expert in your own life and therefore you know which option will best suit your needs. I have outlined the 3 options I offer in detail, so please have a read and let me know which option you would prefer. Please note that I am available for consultations on Fridays and Saturdays only between 9:30am-3:30pm.

Lila Pulsford Career Counselling

Option 1 – $185 for a 60 minute session. Includes:

  • Initial 5 minute phone or email conversation. This discussion will help me determine how I can best meet your needs.
  • An individualised 60 minute (in person or video conference) session where you will have the opportunity to, in confidence, speak with me about your career concerns and future goals. My professional listening skills and my ability to ask the right questions will help illuminate which issues are most important to you.
  • An Action Plan. Together, we will agree upon an action plan which I will email to you in a Career Development Consultation Summary Document. This action plan will help you begin to move forward towards your preferred future.

Option 2 – $355 for two 60 minute sessions. Includes:

  • Everything listed in Option 1 plus:
  • Additional 60 minute consultation session where we discuss what has been discovered through completion of the action steps and wherein the action plan is altered or added to. This session also begins to uncover strategies you might utilise in order to pursue opportunities with confidence. This second session may include a CV or LinkedIn review or some interview preparation tips, depending on your needs.

Option 3 – $510 for three 60 minute sessions. Includes:

  • Everything listed in Options 1 and 2 plus:
  • During our third 60 minute consultation session we discuss the progress you have made and how you might deal with set backs or barriers. This consultation is crucial in helping you maintain your sense of momentum and keep you moving forward.
  • A Personality Assessment Report. This report is based on Jungian psychology and will provide you with a personality type code, for example, ISFP. The report offers a detailed description of your motivations, natural style, insights into how you are perceived by others and ideas about what will lead you to career-life fulfillment.
  • Option 3 offers unlimited telephone and email support for up to 6 months after your final consultation.

Contact me on or call or text me on 021 068 5039 to book a consultation. I look forward to working with you!

Lila Pulsford Career Counselling

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